REPLAY Masterclass Q3:
The Magic of Quarterly Goal Setting


Invariably, during the third quarter of the year we get bogged down and begin to question our decision making ability.  We might even lose focus and purpose.

In this video replay we’ll do a quick review of of the last quarter and focus on how we might make better decisions during the remaining months of the year.

Based upon Chip Heath and Dan Heath’s bestseller, DECISIVE:  How to Make Better Choices in Work and Life, we’ll discuss how to utilize their unique WRAP process for making decisions and walk through some real live examples in the webinar group!

Replay of the On-line Working Masterclass Q3:
The Magic of Quarterly Goal Setting
including the Quarterly Goal Setting Workbook + WRAP Decision Making Worksheet

Hosted by:
Heidi K Weber @ & Robbie Samuels @

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