REPLAY Masterclass Q2:
The Magic of Quarterly Goal Setting


The second quarter of the year can be a challenge.  For many it’s a time we get discouraged, feel bogged down and overwhelmed often wondering why we’re doing what we’re doing.

In this video replay we’ll do a quick review of quarter 1 and tackle the question of WHEN to help you over the hurdles of quarter 2.  Based upon Daniel Pink’s bestseller, WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, we’ll discuss the power of planning tasks based upon the time of day, the power of breaks, the special ‘hack’ called a nappuccino and encourage you to experiment to find your best WHEN!

Replay of the On-line Working Masterclass Q2:
The Magic of Quarterly Goal Setting
PLUS the UPDATED Quarterly Goal Setting Workbook + Extra Goodies

Hosted by:
Heidi K Weber @ & Robbie Samuels @

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